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"Each time a man stands for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes
out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope and these ripples build a
current that can
sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."
Robert F. Kennedy

"You know so much of the time we are just lost... there is no justice, the rich win, the poor are powerless. We become tired of hearing people lie and after a time we become dead, a little dead, we think of ourselves as victims and we become victims.
We become weak, we doubt ourselves, we doubt our beliefs, we doubt our institutions, and we doubt the law. But here you are the law . If we are to have faith in justice we need only to believe in ourselves and act with justice. See we believe there is justice in our hearts."
Paul Newman in The Verdict

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In the News
5 Christmas Scams to Avoid This Year

As technology advances and criminals get more creative with identity theft practices, new waves of holiday scams are cropping up that can compromise the good cheer of the season. In fact, a 2012 Federal Bureau of Investigation release revealed that ...

Retirees in danger of savings scams

Retirement savers are striving to achieve annual returns of 7% on long-term investments, and high expectations are putting them in danger of accepting riskier – or even illegal – investment options. Key Retirement's nationwide study among over-45s ...

Laclede Gas Warns Customers of Utility Scams

ST. LOUIS, Dec. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- At Laclede Gas, customer safety is our top priority. When the temperature drops, scams targeting heating customers increase. Laclede Gas reminds customers to be on alert and always call Laclede directly if you feel ...

Buyer beware: Tips to avoid gift card scams

Just as the holidays get into full swing, there's a new scam targeting shoppers. While gift card giving is on the rise, so are gift card scams. The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to watch out for the following: •Digital theft: Scammers ...

Email phishing scams escalate, BBB reports

Between now and Christmas Eve, consumers will make millions of online transactions. This traffic has cyber-criminals prepped and ready to pounce. For each legitimate confirmation email that will be sent by online retailers, there will be just as many that ...

No arrests made so far in other scams, Mamata tells BJP

New Delhi : West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday hit out at the ruling Bharatiya Janata (BJP) for targeting her government over the Saradha chit-fund scam and alleged that there are many other scams worth thousands of crores of rupees ...

Burlington Police Warning Residents of Phone Scams

The Burlington Police Department would like to warn citizens to be aware of two phone scams that have resurfaced in the area. The perpetrators use internet and social media websites to research for potential targets. The first is known as the ...

7 high-tech holiday scams

As society goes more high tech, so do holiday scams. From fake Facebook surveys featuring the season's hottest gifts to not-so-merry mobile phone apps, crooks are finding new ways to steal your personal and financial information so they can profit.

Buyer beware: Tips to avoid gift card scams

Just as the holidays get into full swing, there's a new scam targeting shoppers. While gift card giving is on the rise, so are gift card scams. The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to watch out for the following: •Digital theft: Scammers ...

Buyer Beware: Retailers' Online Prices Aren't Always Cheaper

According to a report by Anthem Marketing Solutions, an analysis of prices for commonly purchased items found that about 70 percent of items are sold for the same price online and in-store. When there is a price difference, the online price is cheaper 65 ...

Easy Used Car Buying Tips - Buyers Beware

Many buyers are seeking used or certified pre-owned cars in order to get the most for their money. However, buying a used car can be a smart move. In fact, financial advisors claim it’s one of the best vehicle investments you can make, since the first ...

Online Deals for Holiday Shopping: Buyer Beware

On Black Friday, Kohl’s offered what looked like a terrific deal on the Jawbone UP24, a stylish fitness-tracking band the retailer ordinarily sells for $130. In honor of that hallowed national day of shopping, Kohl’s was cutting its price on the UP24 ...

Buyer Beware!

I swear I was just on one of the sites listed earlier this week and wondering "HOW can these fabulous coats be so damn cheap? It's gotta be a scam!" Glad to know I was wrong. Mostly. Kind of. Maybe I can get something for my 4 year old niece for Christmas ...

Buyer beware: Watch out for gift card “gotchas” during the holidays

MADISON (WITI) — Gift cards are a big hit for shoppers and gift recipients alike. That’s because they’re available everywhere and prized for their convenience. But if gift cards are on your shopping list this holiday season, the Wisconsin Department ...

Nerd Block: Buyers Beware

Nerd Block is one of the newest mystery box subscriptions to hit the internet. Starting at $13.99 shipping a month you can subscribe to a Nerd Block Jr., or for $19.99 shipping you can subscribe to the classic, arcade, or horror boxes. To get a taste ...

Okanagan Indian Band to municipalities buying CN Rail line: Buyer beware

Okanagan Indian Band chief Byron Louis says at least 20 kilometres of CN Rail line runs through native land and is not clear title, telling municipalities to beware of their purchase. That is the message from the chief of the Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) as ...