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Verizon records customer calls, they are unable and unwilling to stop recording you. When the customer tries to record Verizon it becomes clear that the customer is not to be given the same advantages or rights as Verizon. We do not accept the premise that customers are supposed to be subservient to big business. Unless Verizon changes it's policy the public, in our opinion would be better suited to find a company that respects their rights, basic reasonableness and good faith.

We spoke to Verizon and recorded their response which led to Verizon changing their policy. Are you listening NOW! Click to hear.

..McDonalds Tallahassee Fl. Region
It seems like a simple thing getting lunch to go at McDonalds. When the girl behind the counter forgot to include a 20 piece McNuggets and got the Chicken Sandwich wrong it seemed like a simple thing to correct. Welcome to the McDonalds at at 1944 N. Monroe St Tallahassee Fl. where a simple mistake opened the door to immature combative Tiffany Washington.

She was the last in a line of people who were incompetent and did not care about the customers. Corporate administrative assistant Amanda Gay started the apathetic ball rolling when she told us all 30 McDonalds that were corporately owned in the Tallahassee area took their phones off the hook form 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., every day. This claim would later be disputed by Tiffany Washington. Watch out for Tiffany Washington when you visit this McChucky's. Full article

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The Ten Worst Car Scams

If you’re inexperienced (or just not careful), it’s incredibly easy to let some huckster take advantage of you in the automotive industry. Here are ten of the worst scams in the automotive world, so be on guard. Very rarely are cars that have been ...

Mother of all scams: For dole, pregnant 5 times in 10 months

BAREILLY: An audit of beneficiaries of the Janani Suraksha Yojna in Uttar Pradesh, which primarily guarantees through a small dole better food for new mothers in the days just after the delivery of their babies, has thrown up some startling "facts".

You need to watch out for these tax phishing scams

Tax filing season has barely started and the first phishing emails are already doing the rounds, making it essential for taxpayers to be on high alert. “It’s open season for criminals during tax season,” Lesedi Seforo, team leader of Sars Operations ...

Tax scams harder to identify

COLUMBUS, OH — The Internal Revenue Service issued a consumer alert today to help taxpayers protect themselves from scammers posing as IRS employees. “If you receive a threatening call out of the blue from someone who says you must pay your IRS tax ...

July Scam Of The Month

The Better Business Bureau joins KTVE-10 News Today to talk about this month's biggest scams. What is a FAKE DEBT COLLECTION SCAM? Better Business Bureau Northeast Louisiana is alerting consumers that fake debt collectors are calling people with claims ...

Tredyffrin Police Reports: Scams warning

SCAMS>> Police urge residents that have been victims of scams or attempted scams to go to the website for the Internet Crime Complaint Center - www.IC3.gov and file a complaint. The IC3 is using the information compiled to identify and combat internet crime.

BBB on homes: Spot work-at-home scams with these helpful suggestions

Working from home may be a desirable option for many people. Everyone leads busy lives nowadays, and who wouldn't want the option to avoid long commutes and simply work from the comfort of their homes every day? The demand for legitimate work at home ...

Editorial: Recognizing the scams that exploit seniors

Grandma’s phone rings. An authoritative-sounding person claims to be calling from the Internal Revenue Service, threatening arrest and immediate seizure of assets if she doesn’t follow the caller’s exact instructions. Most of us know better about ...