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Verizon records customer calls, they are unable and unwilling to stop recording you. When the customer tries to record Verizon it becomes clear that the customer is not to be given the same advantages or rights as Verizon. We do not accept the premise that customers are supposed to be subservient to big business. Unless Verizon changes it's policy the public, in our opinion would be better suited to find a company that respects their rights, basic reasonableness and good faith.

We spoke to Verizon and recorded their response which led to Verizon changing their policy. Are you listening NOW! Click to hear.

..McDonalds Tallahassee Fl. Region
It seems like a simple thing getting lunch to go at McDonalds. When the girl behind the counter forgot to include a 20 piece McNuggets and got the Chicken Sandwich wrong it seemed like a simple thing to correct. Welcome to the McDonalds at at 1944 N. Monroe St Tallahassee Fl. where a simple mistake opened the door to immature combative Tiffany Washington.

She was the last in a line of people who were incompetent and did not care about the customers. Corporate administrative assistant Amanda Gay started the apathetic ball rolling when she told us all 30 McDonalds that were corporately owned in the Tallahassee area took their phones off the hook form 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., every day. This claim would later be disputed by Tiffany Washington. Watch out for Tiffany Washington when you visit this McChucky's. Full article

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Wikipedia blocks editor accounts linked to extortion scam

The Wikipedia Foundation said it will be reviewing more articles, and urged Wikipedia users to be on the look out for similar scams. Suspicious entries can be reported to info-orangemoody@wikipedia.org. Foundation members Ed Erhart and Juliet Barbara wrote ...

Social media awareness: Common scams on the internet

The advantages of social media are plentiful. These websites allow us to connect with old and new friends, share photographs and videos, learn about and discuss current events, bring awareness to and promote events, among many others. Whatever our needs ...

Pensioner targeted by scam firms after data sales

An investigation by the Daily Mail found that the 87-year-old’s data had been passed to charities along with some companies associated with scams. As a result of the trade in his personal details Mr Rae lost almost £35,000. Two charities also passed Mr ...

Dear Abby: Scammers lure victims from dating sites

Please help me warn others about these types of scams. Loveless in Washington Dear Loveless: Gladly! Thank you for writing about your near-miss, because many trusting people have been victimized in this way. Phone and online scams have more than ...

Deputies: 2 scams circulating Newberry Co.

The Newberry County Sheriff's Office said two scams were circulating through the area involving electric bills and the IRS. Deputies said callers were portraying themselves as electric company employees, telling residents that they had just a few hours to ...

Phone scam targeting Argyle seniors

It appears that the alleged perpetrators are targeting folks around retirement age. The top 3 scams being reported are: The IRS stating that you owe money or are being sued; Verizon stating that you are past due on payments; and A grandchild stating they ...

SMECO warns customers about payment scam

“We continue to issue alerts when customers notify us that these scams are taking place,” Dennison said in the release. “Not only are they a nuisance, but scam artists can steal thousands of dollars from unsuspecting residents and businesse

Fraud Protection Network Addresses the Efficacy of Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection behaves much in the same way. Preventative action – safeguarding your personal information and being wary of scams – is the first line of defense, and will significantly reduce the chances of being victimized. But when the ...