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Verizon records customer calls, they are unable and unwilling to stop recording you. When the customer tries to record Verizon it becomes clear that the customer is not to be given the same advantages or rights as Verizon. We do not accept the premise that customers are supposed to be subservient to big business. Unless Verizon changes it's policy the public, in our opinion would be better suited to find a company that respects their rights, basic reasonableness and good faith.

We spoke to Verizon and recorded their response which led to Verizon changing their policy. Are you listening NOW! Click to hear.

..McDonalds Tallahassee Fl. Region
It seems like a simple thing getting lunch to go at McDonalds. When the girl behind the counter forgot to include a 20 piece McNuggets and got the Chicken Sandwich wrong it seemed like a simple thing to correct. Welcome to the McDonalds at at 1944 N. Monroe St Tallahassee Fl. where a simple mistake opened the door to immature combative Tiffany Washington.

She was the last in a line of people who were incompetent and did not care about the customers. Corporate administrative assistant Amanda Gay started the apathetic ball rolling when she told us all 30 McDonalds that were corporately owned in the Tallahassee area took their phones off the hook form 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., every day. This claim would later be disputed by Tiffany Washington. Watch out for Tiffany Washington when you visit this McChucky's. Full article

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Council offer advice to avoid being scammed

South Tyneside Council is cracking down on scammers as part of national Scams Awareness Month. South Tyneside Trading Standards team has joined forces with Citizens Advice and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute to promote the initiative locally.

Valve will no longer help return lost items in Steam trade scams

Valve will no longer help victims of Steam trade scams be reunited with their lost items, a policy change on the matter has confirmed. "Our community assigns an item a value that is at least partially determined by that item's scarcity. If more copies of ...

How to Avoid Apartment and Condo Rental Scams

Online scams are so prevalent that nobody is surprised by them anymore. Threats lurk around every corner and we, as regular Internet users, have grown so accustomed to them that we just shrug our shoulders and move on. It’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

Steam Trade Scams Are Your Problem Now, Valve Says

Valve used to offer support to users who had been swindled by trade scams on Steam. Lost an in-game item to a scammer? On a case-by-case basis, Valve would restore the item to your inventory. If you got scammed, Steam had a safety valve for you. (Get it?

BBB's Top Five Summer Scams

Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about these popular summer scams. Don’t let a scam ruin your vacation. Fake travel agents and websites are known for touting too-good-to-be-true deals in the hopes of getting your money in return. Whether it ...

Beware of phone scams

Criminals are finding all sorts of ways to steal your money, posing on the phone as debt collectors or phony IRS agent, or pretending to protect you from credit-card fraud. Criminals often have enough information, like your credit card number, to trick you ...

Police Investigate Fundraising Scams In Erie

We have a warning, after some fundraising scams hit our area. The scam artists are taking advantage of the generosity of others. In some cases, it was all to fund their own drug habits. The Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority, or ECGRA, says someone is ...

Hang up on charity scams

We all get those annoying charity calls asking for donations to this or that health issue, police or fire department, disaster relief, or to help find missing children. Some charities spend the majority of funds raised for direct care. Others do not.