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Updated  Sat Nov 22 11:00:01 EST 2014
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  Federal watchdogs uncover...As many as 30,000 lost emails from Lois Lerner -- the ex-IRS official at the center of the agency's targeting scandal -- have been recovered by federal investigators. The IRS has already turned over thousands of Lerner emails to congressional investigators ...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 2:08 am
  FBI arrests come amid rising...FERGUSON, Mo. --A grand jury decision is expected soon - perhaps as soon as Saturday - on whether to indict the officer involved in the shooting death of Michael Brown in August. While peacekeeping preparations are underway, the FBI told CBS News that two ...
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 11:55 pm
  Bill Cosby makes new comments on...MELBOURNE, Fla. --Bill Cosby commented Friday on the growing accusations of rape and sexual assault that have derailed his career comeback and crumbled his tour schedule in an interview with a Florida newspaper. "I know people are tired of me not saying ...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 2:16 am
  John Boehner Vows GOP Will 'Rise...WASHINGTON -- House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) vowed Friday to push back against President Barack Obama's executive action shielding up to 5 million unauthorized immigrants from deportation, accusing him of sabotaging any chances of comprehensive ...
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 11:04 pm
  Reports: Obama broadens mission in...President Obama has approved a plan to allow limited air support for Afghan forces after the conventional U.S. military role ends this year, according to media reports. American counter-terrorism forces will also be allowed to target any militant groups ...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 1:49 am

  Kerry says 'big gaps' remain in...VIENNA (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday there were still serious gaps in talks over Iran's nuclear program despite signs of some progress two days before a deadline to reach a deal between Tehran and major powers. "We're working hard," Kerry said ahead of a meeting with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. "We hope we???re making careful progress, but we have big gaps, we still have some serious gaps, which we???re working to close." (Reporting By Fredrik Dahl; editing by John Irish)
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 8:44 am
  Lavrov accuses West of seeking...By Polina Devitt MOSCOW (Reuters) - Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the West on Saturday of trying to use sanctions imposed on Moscow in the Ukraine crisis to seek "regime change" in Russia. His comments stepped up Moscow's war of words with the United States and the European Union in their worst diplomatic standoff since the Cold War ended. ...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 6:36 am
  Islamic State kills 25 Iraqi...By Raheem Salman BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Islamic State militants have killed 25 members of a Sunni Muslim tribe during their assault on a provincial capital west of Baghdad, local officials said on Saturday, in apparent revenge for tribal opposition to the radical Islamists. They said the bodies of the men from the Albu Fahd tribe were discovered after the army launched a counter-offensive on Saturday against the Islamic State in a village on the eastern edge of Ramadi, capital of Anbar province. ...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 8:13 am
  U.S.-led strikes have killed 910...BEIRUT (Reuters) - Air strikes by U.S.-led forces in Syria have killed 910 people, including 52 civilians, since the start of the campaign against Islamic State and other fighters two months ago, a group monitoring the conflict said on Saturday. The majority of the deaths, 785, were Islamic State fighters according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Islamic State, a hard-line offshoot of al Qaeda, has seized land in Syria and neighboring Iraq, where it has also been targeted by U.S.-led strikes since July. ...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 7:14 am
  West seen easing demands on Iran...By Fredrik Dahl and Louis Charbonneau VIENNA (Reuters) - World powers will press Iran to cease stonewalling a U.N. atomic bomb investigation as part of a wider nuclear accord, but will likely stop short of demanding full disclosure of any secret weapon work by Tehran to avoid killing an historic deal. Officially, the United States and its Western allies say it is vital that Iran fully addresses the concerns of the U.N. nuclear agency if it wants a diplomatic settlement that would end sanctions severely hurting its oil-based economy. ...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:16 am

  Militants claim deadly Kenya attackMilitants from Somali group al-Shabab say they attacked a bus in northern Kenya, killing 28 people, in revenge for security raids on mosques.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:49 am
  Police and NHS phone lines restoredNon-emergency police and medical phone lines have been fixed, Vodafone says, after technical problems disrupted services for several hours.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:05 am
  Bank fines should go to NHS -...A billion pounds raised from banking fines in the UK should be spent on the NHS, Labour's shadow chancellor Ed Balls says in a speech.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:35 am
  Balcony collapse victims namedTwo Polish men who died after a balcony collapsed in west London on Friday are named as Tomasz Procko, 22, and Karol Szymanski, 29.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:12 am
  West 'seeks Russia regime change'Western sanctions against Russia over its role in Ukraine are aimed at forcing regime change in Moscow, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 8:26 am

  Al-Shabab claims Kenya bus...Somali group says 28 non-Muslim passengers shot on board bus in Mandera in revenge for police raids on Mombasa mosques.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:37 am
  Civilian deaths reported in Iraq...Women and children killed in military action and bodies of suspected ISIL shootings discovered, all in Anbar province.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:46 am
  Bahrain votes amid Shia boycott...Opposition group vows to boycott first election since a 2011 uprising was crushed by the Gulf nation's Sunni rulers.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 6:11 am
  US said to broaden combat role in...New York Times says Obama has given hushed green light for Pentagon to continue Afghanistan mission for at least a year.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 7:46 am
  Lavrov: West seeking regime change...Foreign minister says sanctions imposed over Ukraine conflict aim to destroy Russian economy and cause public unrest.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:31 am

US said to broaden combat role in Afghanistan

Joe Biden to press Turkey over Islamic State role

GCGQ whistleblower calls for public interest defence

Mexican Protesters Look to Start a New Revolution

  Central Banks in New Push to Prime...The People???s Bank of China and European Central Bank moved Friday to pump up flagging global growth, boosting stock markets but raising questions about the limitations of central-bank intervention.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:50 am
  Why Barnes & Noble Is Selling...Barnes & Noble is diversifying into gifts like popcorn makers and turntables for the holidays, part of a new merchandising strategy as it tries to reverse declines in store traffic and prepares to split up.
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 9:47 pm
  Elite Law Firms Lift BonusesThree big law firms, Simpson Thacher, Paul Weiss and Clearly Gottlieb, are raising year-end bonuses for associate attorneys by as much as $40,000, partly reflecting this year???s resurgence in lucrative M&A work.
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 11:40 pm
  European Critics Envision Google's...Some European legislators, with German government backing, are preparing a draft resolution calling for the breakup of Google, adding pressure on the EU???s new competition chief to proceed forcefully.
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 8:24 pm
  Dow Chemical, Loeb Settle Board...Dow Chemical and Dan Loeb???s Third Point settled a looming proxy fight Friday by adding four new directors next year, including two the activist investor had proposed.
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 11:37 pm

  Obama seeks support for...FERGUSON Mo. (Reuters) - Two men suspected of buying explosives they planned to detonate during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, once a grand jury decides the Michael Brown case, were arrested on Friday and charged with federal firearms offenses, a law enforcement official told Reuters.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:37 am
  Islamic State kills 25 Iraqi...MOSCOW (Reuters) - Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the West on Saturday of trying to use sanctions imposed on Moscow in the Ukraine crisis to seek "regime change" in Russia.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 8:22 am
  Officials prepare for Ferguson...WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama??has signed a secret order authorizing a broader military mission in??Afghanistan??in 2015 than originally planned, the New York Times reported on Saturday.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 1:39 am
  Officials make preparations for...LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - President Barack Obama defended his decision to bypass Congress and overhaul U.S. immigration policy on his own on Friday, saying he was forced to act because House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner would not let legislation come to a vote.
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 6:35 pm
  U.S., Iran discussing new ideas to...ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkey and the United States played down differences in the fight against Islamic State on Friday, but Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu made clear Ankara would keep pressing for a no-fly zone in Syria and President Bashar al-Assad's removal.
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 6:08 pm

  More reconstruction materials...Bakery happy hour? Shopping on the street? In this week's Weekend Edition, JPost TV goes undercover with Israeli immigrant Toni Cohen to find out how to live an affordable life in Tel Aviv.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 8:10 am
  HRW: Israel's demolition of...PA president warns of eruption of religious wars, calls for establishing ???bridges of love??? with Israelis instead of "racist" West Bank security barrier.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 3:57 am
  Jordanian PM reportedly sends...US, Iran are reportedly discussing new ideas aimed at breaking the nuclear impasse between Tehran, P5+1.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 1:31 am
  Jerusalem mayor: We cannot...25-year-old computer scientists is crowned winner of Muslim beauty pageant in Indonesia; pulls for the Palestinian issue in her victory speech.
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 9:23 pm
  Politics: After synagogue attack,...Western assumptions that Tehran has lost its revolutionary zeal will be put to the test, after Monday???s deadline for a deal over the mullahs??? nuclear program.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 6:20 am

  ???I cried every night for 17...SUSAN Mellen was jailed of the 1997 murder of a homeless man. But she didn’t do it. Now declared innocent, but broke, the government owes her big.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 5:26 am
  Mum ignored ???recipe for mass...HE was unmedicated, obsessed with massacres and had access to guns. Psychologists told Adam Lanza’s mum to treat him, but she overpowered them.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 3:51 am
  Inside the car that drives itselfTHE future has officially arrived. Motoring writer Joshua Dowling takes a (slightly apprehensive) ride in the car that steers, brakes, and drives itself.
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 7:21 pm
  Man burns father-in-law in ovenALAN Catterall, 54, fought desperately with a crowbar to free himself from a factory furnace, after his son-in-law turned it on while he was inside.
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 6:12 pm
  New IS hostage video releasedJOURNALIST and Islamic State hostage John Cantlie says in a newly released video that he is likely to suffer the same fate as other hostages, who were beheaded.
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 4:10 pm

US said to broaden combat role in Afghanistan

Joe Biden to press Turkey over Islamic State role

GCGQ whistleblower calls for public interest defence

Mexican Protesters Look to Start a New Revolution

  Syrian Christians: 'Help us to...Christianity is being extinguished in the land of its birth and the West is to blame, say Syria's faithful
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:00 am
  Angelina Jolie confirms plan to...Tomb Raider star suggests her appearance as Cleopatra could be her last acting role
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:35 am
  Two British jihadis 'killed...Abu Abdullah al Habashi, 21, and Abu Dharda, 20, both from London, are thought to have died in the Syrian border town of Kobani
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:10 am
  David Cameron won't win a...Newly-elected Ukip MP says Prime Minister will need Nigel Farage's party to deliver an in-out referendum on EU membership after General Election
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 8:40 am
  Iran nuclear talks: Kerry seeks to...American envoy briefs Gulf states' foreign ministers over progress on deal talks
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 7:57 am

  St. Louis seeing surge in...Increase comes as people await grand jury decision in Michael Brown shooting. ???????]]>
  Posted on 19 November 2014 | 8:26 pm
  Florida State University police...Hospital confirms wounded being treated. ???????]]>
  Posted on 19 November 2014 | 8:05 pm
  Epic snowstorm on track to set a...The storm could give the city a year's worth of snow in just three days. ???????]]>
  Posted on 19 November 2014 | 2:33 am
  GOP senator warns of violence...Sen. Tom Coburn, once close to Obama, warns violence could follow immigration order. ???????]]>
  Posted on 19 November 2014 | 12:08 am
  Search of Ferguson e-mails raises...Experts challenge assumption contractor made while searching messages after shooting. ???????]]>
  Posted on 20 November 2014 | 7:17 am

  Strong Quake Strikes Central...A strong earthquake struck a mountainous area of central Japan on Saturday night, causing at least one building to collapse and injuring several people, according to Japanese media reports. No tsunami warning was issued.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:03 am
  Somalia's Al-Shabab Kills 28...Somalia's Islamic extremist rebels, Al-Shabab, attacked a bus in northern Kenya at dawn Saturday, singling out and killing 28 non-Muslims, Kenyan police said.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 6:42 am
  Amid Uproar, Cosby Gets Standing...Despite a small protest outside a theater at Eastern Florida State College in Melbourne, Fla., Bill Cosby performed to applause without addressing accusations of sexual assault.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 1:05 am
  In Zimbabwe???s Succession Battle,...President Robert Mugabe is presiding over ??? and possibly choreographing ??? an increasingly fierce internal scramble for the rewards of high office.
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 11:57 pm
  DealBook: New York Fed Is...???Is the Federal Reserve up to the task of regulating financial institutions that are so large and complex???? the chairman of a Senate panel asked William C. Dudley.
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 11:44 pm

  Reports: Two British Jihadis...The Foreign Office says it is investigating whether Abu Abdullah al Habashi and Abu Dharda died in fighting near Kobani.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:18 am
  Miliband: Labour Still For...Mr Miliband speaks out after one of his MPs resigns over a tweet which included a picture of a house with three England flags.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 6:00 am
  Men Who Died In London Balcony...Police reveal the identities of two Polish men who were killed after balcony railings at an upmarket London property gave way.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:33 am
  Alan Henning's Wife: IS Hiding...Barbara Henning was speaking ahead of today's private memorial service to her husband, who was murdered by militants.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:26 am
  Farage: More MPs Plotting...UKIP warns there could soon be more defections to the party as it is already upsetting the balance in the seat of Stockton South.
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 6:29 am

US said to broaden combat role in Afghanistan

Joe Biden to press Turkey over Islamic State role

GCGQ whistleblower calls for public interest defence

Mexican Protesters Look to Start a New Revolution

  British Gas owner posts huge...British Gas' owner has increased profits at its residential arm by 23 per cent in a move fanning flames of anger over recent price hikes.Related StoriesCentrica criticised over profitsBatman shootings: Amateur video of audience fleeingJamie Heaton's parents visit Shaw explosion siteBo's wife charged with murder of British businessmanRelated StoriesFirst outing for fastest cubs on landMariem Alaoui Selsouli suspendedHSBC dealt record fine over drug-money launderingPolice numbers drop to lowest level in 9 yearsKiller whale drags trainer underwater at SeaWorld, San Diego
  Posted on 26 July 2012 | 9:12 am
  Warsi cleared of expenses fiddleThe Conservative Party says its co-chairman Baroness Warsi has been cleared of allegations she wrongly claimed Parliamentary expenses.Related StoriesDavid Cameron heckled at Olympic eventMost over-the-top PMQs question ever?Cameron: 'We have to deal with banking culture'David Cameron confronted by angry Yorkshire residentRelated StoriesDavid Beckham surprises Team GB fans in photo boothAll children to be given flu vaccineOlympics 'sabotage' strike called offWitnesses describe horror at Tate Modern death plungePolice numbers drop to lowest level in 9 years
  Posted on 26 July 2012 | 9:12 am
  Bo's wife charged with murder of...The wife of scandal-hit Chinese politician Bo Xilai is to be prosecuted for the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood.Related StoriesNorth Korean soldiers dance to celebrate Kim's promotionBNP members to be 'banned' from ChurchWarsi cleared of expenses fiddleWedding party's cars plunge into river as bridge collapsesRelated StoriesChina shows off elite Harbin Z-9 helicopterAdorable white lion cubs born in MexicoBreathtaking volcano eruption in JapanSenior Syrian diplomats defectKiller whale drags trainer underwater at SeaWorld, San Diego
  Posted on 26 July 2012 | 7:49 am
  Olympics kicks off with flag gaffeOlympic organisers LOCOG have been forced to apologise to the North Korean women's football team, after the South Korean flag was displayed before their first match.Related StoriesDavid Beckham: 'I have a small role in opening ceremony'London 2012 kicks off with footballOlympics 'sabotage' strike called offMariem Alaoui Selsouli suspendedTall ships sail to the Thames for the Olympics
  Posted on 26 July 2012 | 7:11 am
  Police numbers drop to lowest...The number of police officers in England and Wales has fallen to its lowest level in nine years, figures showed today.Related StoriesEngland and Wales are ageing faster than ever beforeBNP members to be 'banned' from ChurchWarsi cleared of expenses fiddleWitnesses describe horror at Tate Modern death plungeRelated StoriesBritish Gas owner posts huge profitsHSBC dealt record fine over drug-money launderingWitnesses describe horror at Tate Modern death plungeKiller whale drags trainer underwater at SeaWorld, San DiegoWarsi cleared of expenses fiddle
  Posted on 26 July 2012 | 7:03 am

  Texas approves textbooks with... Christian conservatives win, children lose: Texas textbooks will teach public school students that the Founding Fathers based the Constitution on the Bible, and the American system of democracy was inspired by Moses. On Friday the Republican-controlled Texas State Board of Edu?…
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:32 am
  Oops! GOP's plan for shutting down...GOP leaders say they're going to block President Obama's executive action on immigration not through?impeachment?or?a government shutdown, but by very specifically defunding the agencies that would carry out Obama's executive order. There's just one small problem. ?…
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:12 am
  KKK To Anonymous: We Will Hunt You...Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona of the Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK has made threats to Anonymous in the recent past and it appears he’s amped up the rhetoric in a pastebin post. The latest threat allegedly from Ancona, reads in part with threats to?@TrezSe?…
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:08 am
   Louie Gohmert: Left's idea of... ?in a radio interview conducted before President Obama unveiled his amnesty program, Rep. Louie Gohmert, (R-TX), addressed civil unrest from both the left and the right, saying “civil disobedience comes from the left,” before adding “they’re the one?…
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:17 am
  Buchanan: America Becoming 'The... Pat Buchanan used his syndicated column today to rail against “Caesar Obama,” warning that the president’s executive action on immigration is reminiscent of King George III’s abuses “which sparked the American Revolution.” After making the p?…
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:38 am

  Further gunfire, but also war of...As rebels in eastern Ukraine exchange further gunfire with government troops near Donetsk, a war of words between Moscow and the West is escalating.…
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:42 am
  Al-Shabab claims responsibility...Somali militant group al-Shabaab have claimed responsibility for the bus attack which killed at least 28 people in northeast Kenya. According to…
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:16 am
  Portuguese ex-PM arrested in fraud...The former prime minister of Portugal, Jose Socrates, has been arrested in an investigation into tax fraud, money laundering and corruption -…
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:16 am
  Bahrain votes amid calls for...Bahraini voters are heading to the polls in the country's first parliamentary elections since the Arab Spring, amid calls for a boycott. Shia…
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 6:01 am
  "A la v??tre!"no comment : "A la vôtre!"
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 6:01 am

  Report on Newtown's Adam Lanza...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:16 am
  Strong earthquake shakes Japan's...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:54 am
  Israel demolishes homes after...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:27 am
  Portuguese Ex-PM Socrates held in...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 9:24 am
  Ferguson protest: Churches offer...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 8:35 am

US said to broaden combat role in Afghanistan

Joe Biden to press Turkey over Islamic State role

GCGQ whistleblower calls for public interest defence

Mexican Protesters Look to Start a New Revolution

  What I’ve learnt: Paul HollywoodBaker Paul Hollywood, 48, has been a judge on The Great British Bake Off since 2010. He used to be...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 12:28 pm
  Shop! Christmas gift guide, part 1What to buy for the ??? little madam (under ??50) 1. Pom-pom slingshot, ??18, Ivy Cabin (ivycabin.com) 2. Cotton bloomers,...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:19 am
  Nico Rosberg takes pole in Abu...And so the scene is set for the duel in the desert. The two rivals for the world championship occupy...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:11 am
  Tessa Jowell to run for London...The former Olympics Minister Dame Tessa Jowell has said she is planning to stand for Mayor of London at the...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:08 am
  Workers killed by collapsed...Two removal men who died when a balcony gave way in London yesterday have been named by police. Polish nationals...
  Posted on 22 November 2014 | 10:03 am

  Obama: Allies Will Soon Take...Filed under: Democrats, Republicans, Foreign Policy, Obama Administration, International, Congress, Conservatives'I have absolutely no doubt that we will be able to transfer control of this operation to an international coalition,' President Obama said Tuesday.
  Posted on 22 March 2011 | 10:11 pm
  Democrats Could Lose Senate, Biden...Filed under: Senate, Democrats, Republicans, 2012 ElectionsDemocrats are only four seats away from losing control of the Senate to Republicans in 2012, Vice President Biden warned supporters in a online appeal for donations Tuesday.
  Posted on 22 March 2011 | 7:30 pm
  South Dakota Governor Signs Tough...Filed under: AbortionThe measure would require a women seeking an abortion to wait three days after meeting with a doctor and receive counseling before undergoing the procedure. Opponents promise a lawsuit.
  Posted on 22 March 2011 | 7:04 pm
  Republican Sen. Scott Brown: GOP's...Filed under: Senate, House, Democrats, Republicans, Abortion, CongressThe Massachusetts Republican joins another GOP senator, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, in expressing concerns about a proposal to end federal funding for the organization.
  Posted on 22 March 2011 | 4:44 pm
  Half of Americans Approve of...Filed under: Polls, Foreign Policy, Obama Administration, Poll Watch, IndependentsObama's marks for his handling of Libya come despite criticism from the left, right and abroad that he waited too long to act against the Gadhafi regime, and that once he did, the mission was not as defined as he promised it would be.
  Posted on 22 March 2011 | 1:46 pm

  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 1:05 pm
  Fox Business
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 1:05 pm
  Fox Business
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 1:05 pm
  Fox Business
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 1:05 pm
  Fox Business
  Posted on 21 November 2014 | 1:05 pm

US said to broaden combat role in Afghanistan

Joe Biden to press Turkey over Islamic State role

GCGQ whistleblower calls for public interest defence

Mexican Protesters Look to Start a New Revolution
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US News Ferguson officer in talks to resign

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown, is in the final stages of negotiations with city officials to resign, sources say.

Politics Immigration: A tale of two presidents

When George W. Bush couldn't get an immigration overhaul though the Senate, he gave up. When Barack Obama couldn't get a bill through the House, he changed the rules.

Travel News 6 reasons to love Atlanta

If you've traveled to, or through, Atlanta, you probably have one of two impressions. Huge airport, bad traffic. But there's so much more.

Living Adoption: One story, three lives

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. CNN's Michaela Pereira grew up in a family of five adopted girls in Canada and eventually reunited with her biological half-sister.

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LAWYERS: Plan to reach far fewer than 4.7 million...

Cuban migrants head off from Caymans, bound for Honduras, then on to USA...


US warns citizens to avoid Acapulco...



30,000 'missing' emails from IRS Lerner recovered...


Obama Mocks...

Blasts Boehner...

PRUDEN: Guarantees hell on border will continue...


WHITE HOUSE LAUGHS: 'It Doesn't Tear Up Constitution'...

Pelosi Compares to Emancipation Proclamation...


SCHLAFLY: Modern-day 'Fort Sumter'...

Sheriffs: 'Destruction of Democracy'...

Gutierrez: 'Stop Whining'...

Local News

John Goodman sentenced to 16 years in prison

Millionaire Wellington polo mogul John Goodman was sentenced Friday to 16 years in prison, with credit for 154 days spent in jail and no bond.

Family feud in Delray Beach leads to string of violence, 14 shootings

Delray Beach police seek help to stop a string of shootings in the city.

Florida State shooter went from liked to troubled

Friends of shooter Myron May are trying to figure out how he changed from being a well-liked young attorney to a would-be killer, stopped only by a fusillade of police bullets.

Drink to detoxify: Juicing with charcoal the newest trend

When you think of charcoal, your mind dreams of burgers and backyard barbecues. But now, some people are turning to activated charcoal for juicing and detoxifying. 

Gunman killed, 3 injured in FSU campus shooting

Police say they have a journal and videos that indicate FSU campus shooter Myron May believed the government had targeted him.

Veteran threatens bank robbery to avoid dying on street

Steven Bynes says he decided to threaten a bank robbery so he could go to jail and avoid dying in the street.

Wounded military veteran receives mortgage-free home

William Newton and his service dog, Lola, arrive at a gated community in Port St. Lucie to begin the next chapter of their lives.

Cancer curing vaccine? Immunotherapy may provide key to cure

Some scientists believe immunotherapy could provide a pathway to a cure for cancer.

Good Morning America live from Delray Beach Sunday morning

Delray Beach will beam in the national spotlight Sunday morning as Good Morning America broadcasts live on location. 

50 years of Christmas decorations stolen from local grandmother

Doris Collier was so upset when she realized someone burglarized all of her family’s Christmas decorations, she couldn’t even talk about it for days.

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